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I feel that I have more of an understanding about Autism. I think this kind of course is extremely useful to anyone in the mental health sector and would recommend them, yes. This kind of knowledge... Read More

Anon, Newtown

I had a limited understanding of Autism when I attended the training as I have no family members with it. I found the experiences and situations talked about very interesting...

Anon, Newtown

Belle's passion for the subject made the workshop interesting and you could tell she was speaking from the heart...

Anon, Newtown

Went to this on Saturday. Those who didn't get there really missed out. Well done Belle! Even though I'm not a parent or carer of anyone who is autistic I am a long-term student of the human psyche... Read More

Anon, Newtown

Thank you Belle for your wonderful support and insight in helping with Ash and the issues school is having with his needs. You're a gem xxxx...

G, Shrewsbury

Belle's passion and understanding makes for a perfect champion for the world of Autism. An inspiration to those that know her, she has a wealth of knowledge and Experience to share. Real practical... Read More

Nick Cumber


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We welcome you to Dazlious.  Our aim is to explore autism, particularly the non verbal realms.  Sensory processing is a huge part of being autistic (so I have learnt). A person who chooses to use other forms of communication instead of verbal words can create many questions between humans of NT (Neurotypical) and autists pysche. Through our own experiences and that of others we aim to explain some of the other forms of communication. Including physical, audible, telepathic (mind-melding) and emotional.

We invite you to look around this site, exploring the articles written on many subjects related to autism both from our personal experiences and those of other autists. Blogs are available to read, write and comment on. We value input from all communities and have created an opportunity to become a member so that you receive the latest blog nput and comments. We welcome guest writers allowing us to share experiences and ideas. 

Mostly our aim is to eradicate the stereotypes, fears and myths of what autism is and to advocate acceptance of each persons uniqueness.  I am learning more about autism since I began listenning to autistic people share their wisdom.  Thank fully there are many support groups set up by autistic communities who advocate for autistic children, particuarly those whom are non verbal. Through these groups I have been invited to question therapies of a certain genre. We at Dazlious support such groups and wish to share as many experiences as we can in our community blogs.

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We offer workshop sessions in a variety of packages designed specifically to each environment and client need.  Maybe you need help with labelling areas with words and images or having lower sound and less stimulating rooms.  The workshops are designed to assist University and College students from any level of Academia of Early Years Education, Psychology and Heath & Social Care.

Homevisits are available to families and carers of anyone who is either undiagnosed or diagnosed, We can offer support through real, practical advice throughout the assessment and diagnosis process. 

Soul Healings are something that I offer. For more information please click on Healings for more information.




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