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I feel that I have more of an understanding about Autism. I think this kind of course is extremely useful to anyone in the mental health sector and would recommend them, yes. This kind of knowledge... Read More

Anon, Newtown

I had a limited understanding of Autism when I attended the training as I have no family members with it. I found the experiences and situations talked about very interesting...

Anon, Newtown

Kerrie's passion for the subject made the workshop interesting and you could tell she was speaking from the heart...

Anon, Newtown

Went to this on Saturday. Those who didn't get there really missed out. Well done K. Even though I'm not a parent or carer of anyone who is autistic I am a long-term student of the human psyche and I... Read More

Anon, Newtown

Thank you Kerrie for your wonderful support and insight in helping with Ash and the issues school is having with his needs. You're a gem xxxx...

G, Shrewsbury

Kerrie's passion and understanding makes for a perfect champion for the world of Autism. An inspiration to those that know her, she has a wealth of knowledge and Experience to share. Real practical... Read More

Nick Cumber


dazlious logoWhen we became parents to Jeorge we recognised the need to reach further into our hearts. For Jeorge is autistic, non-verbal and incredibly sensitive to energy and stimulus of people, animals and environment.

I have been a professional in early years since I was 18 years old. Communicating with children was second nature. Sharing a life with a non-verbal person meant we needed to learn a new language; his language.

Watching Jeorge engage with the world was intriguing and fascinating. At first we couldn't see he was communicating with his environment and people. With patience and an outlook of I wonder? We let go of expectations we may have had. We did this by completely stepping into his world, instead of pulling him out and false upon him our way of communicating and being.  We have discovered skills and insights into a world that was once unknown to us.

The many behaviours of Jeorge have over the years become clearer to us. Why he holds his ears, stims (flaps) and sometimes walks in different ways. We have learnt he communicates physically using his whole body. He uses sounds of a huge variety, often the same sounds but with different tones and octaves. We wish to share our experiences with you, I have met many people on the spectrum over the last 10 years, all of whom were kind enough to tell me about 'their' autism. Our intention is to share with you our personal experiences and amazing discoveries as well as pass on what we have learnt from others who are autistic.

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An amazing (to me) discovery is that many non verbal autistic s (not all) communicate using telepathy. I was told by a couple of autistic teenagers years ago that they communicate that way, hey said it is their preferred method. This was the first time I had heard anyone say this. Thereafter I discovered that it is quite a common way among both non verbal and verbal autistic people.  Communication in its many forms, interests me, tuning into body language, a multitude of sounds and silent communications that are purely visual and invisible (mind-melding/telepathy) All of which are a way to communicate for many who are autistic. As a neurotypical person it is easy to take the stance that those ways of communicating are not acceptable and they must learn other ways. It is acceptance that is key to a positive relationship between the neurotypical (NT) and the autistic communities.   Accepting all ways to communicate therefore is the answer. There are many other forms of communication that can be offered such as PECS, letter boards, sign language and communication aids. /there are many therapies offered out to parents with young autistic children. Some are positively honouring the child and their individual needs.  Sadly many are the opposite of this. The fear based attitude of it being absolutely paramount for your child to 'fit into society' for them to be a beneficial part of it overrides reality and the child/persons rights to be exactly who they are right now.  Many children/adults who are autistic never use their voice in spoken words.  Are they still a valid member of our society? Learning new skills is a two way street, I know it is possible for those of us who are not autistic and cannot use telepathy, to learn how to do so. I know it is possible for all of us to mind-meld (be telepathic) I have been practising this skill for a long time and although I have challenges I do have communications with Jeorge. I often get an image that Jeorge shows me in my mind, this isn't always exactly what he is saying but has its own keyboard (if you like) I have over time got to learn Jeorge's patterns and 'clues' and I more often than not get it right. I invite others to share any experiences you may have had regarding this form of communication, as well as colours, patterns, sounds, body movements and anything else out of the 'ordinary' accepted ways of communicating. This particular way of communicating is important to me because it is Jeorge's preferred method, as well as his body, sounds and photos.  

I offer workshop sessions in a variety of packages. They are designed to each clients needs. What is your work setting?. Where do you feel you need support or some fresh ideas on how your workplace can function? Is it environmental? Maybe you need help with labelling areas with words and images or having lower sound and less stimulating rooms and so much more.

We have also created a blog. The intention is to create a community of like minded people from both worlds of non-autistic and autistic. I invite you all to discuss all manner of subjects and personal experiences within the realm of autism.

I believe we have an opportunity to learn from each other, there are many social rules we all feel we should accustom to. Yet there are new skills to be learnt from those who are autistic. Seeing the world differently and for the most part, in my understanding it is the beauty that is seen, often unseen by NT. I have personally learnt to be more mindful and appreciate the moment. Seeing the beauty becomes easier when we really stop and look beyond the norm.. I look at the world very differently now. From the music I hear to the flowers and trees as well as the language we speak. It is as if I have received more clarity since being inspired by Jeorge and the many other people on the autism spectrum.  In some ways it has helped me to see that we often shackle ourselves with the rules and regulations of social etiquette. Far too critical of others and ourselves.  


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