Learning the language of Autism

Home Visits & home skype sessions

Home Visits by kerrie BerroyerHome visits are offered to assist you with any areas within your personal environment both inside and outside. 

They are a lovely way for me to chat with you about any concerns or questions about your child or person whom you care for.   I offer support in making really simple changes to a home environment which can help ease sensory overloads.  I visit areas in Powys, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Shrewsbury. Home visits can be offered via skype if this suits you better or your location is out of my travelling arena. 

I can discuss with you ideas for play activities, as so many children on the spectrum will find 'traditional' toys and age appropriate toys meaningless. This can be frustrating at first. Knowing what their sensory needs are can help you move your mindset away from age appropriate toys and look into what your child needs to satisfy their senses.

We have found it is often so much cheaper and easier than buying all the 'age appropriate toys' especially around Christmas and birthdays.  Small changes are often all that is needed, we found it surprising how simple some of the changes needed for Jeorge were.  

Typical topics we could discuss include; support with filling out assessment forms for DLA, Motobility, Blue badge, psychologist assessment forms and any other you may be asked to complete.  Supporting you with meetings at School or nursery, making clear notes and feeling prepared and empowered before entering the meeting. Bedding and sleeping arrangements, toileting issues, eating and drinking and the multitude of  communication methods available .

We can discuss what autism is, any diagnosis label your child has already been given or any questions or concerns you have if you feel your child maybe on the spectrum somewhere. I am offering support in strategies in helping you understand your child/person you care for, hopefully from their perspective, we will discuss possibilities to why your child behaves in certain ways.  There is always a reason for all behaviours, By us watching and listenning we often found the reasons, therefore eradicating any fears we had around such behaviours. Our aim to for you to be able to breath deeply with a sigh of relief! Having many questions answered and giving you a tool bag full of ideas and support, which can bring joy to you all as a family. 

We would design your very own support package. Take a look at our feesFor more information and an informal free chat contact via the contact form on here or email me, or call 07538029404.



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