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I had the privilege of swimming amongst the wild dolphin communities in the Atlantic ocean in and around Bimini, an island off of the Bahamas. The experience was stunning, mesmerising and revealing to me.

As they swam around me I felt like time stood still and a deep knowing of self overwhelmed me.  They chose to connect with a human, joyfully and enthusiastically. This was a particularly special experience because of the connection our son shares with the water element and indeed Dolphins. 

Whilst there I learnt a lot about Dolphins, ideas from scientists on how their studies have revealed they communicate and process information amongst themselves and with humans. Telepathy is an idea that seems to be a firm discovery and understanding. They gather information (energy) from humans and each other in a kind of ball of sound waves and information. They then work out the individual pieces of information and conclude what it actually means. As I was listening to the talk on dolphins I immediately thought of my son and other autistic people I had met over the last 11 years. 

I have had conversations with people on the autistic spectrum who explained how they communicate using telepathy, this was a few years ago when I not yet experienced this personally.  Yet as I listened to this I felt it so natural and obvious.  Of course I couldn't explain that feeling in a factual way, yet it felt like truth. Our son is now 11 years old and during that time has demonstrated to us his mind melding (telepathic) way of communicating. He has shown me images in my own mind as to what he wants, in food, feelings and specific items he wishes to have. This happens inconsistently and without warning.  Usually when I am not 'trying' to connect in such a way, the more relaxed and open I allow myself to be the easier this way of communicating becomes. 

How do we know if a non-verbal person is using telepathy if we, ourselves are not fluent in such a language?  We simply would not hear/feel it.  Does that mean it does not exist?  I have learnt enough about autism over the years to accept that what non autistic people see, is not always the same as a person with autism. Many speak of seeing sound waves, hearing the flowers and trees, feeling the vibration of fear within our hearts and whether we are being truthful.

I have read about autistic people explaining that they gather information wholly and then decipher it into separate compartments so to be able to process it more easily. Just like the Dolphin communities!

Years have gone by where people diagnosed with autism have been disregarded as not having anything to say, mostly when non verbal. Also for those who do have voices yet speak in a 'different way' not always coherent to a non autistic person. Physical expression has more often than not been read as aggressive and even violent behaviour, without any other meaning than purely menacing. Some have been labelled Schizophrenic or even brain damaged. When all they were doing was trying desperately to communicate what they needed, or felt.

I often ask myself, 'How would I communicate my needs and thoughts if I didn't do it verbally using words?'  Would I feel the need to make sounds louder, becoming more urgent and then turning to physical expression?  Yes of course I would. We understand enough now thankfully that not speaking does not mean we do not have anything to say. 

Everything on planet earth evolves, including earth itself, scientist know this and most of us accept this as truth just as we accept animals evolve. So humans do too.  Some of us slower than others! We do this on a personal level, learning and changing through experiences and wisdom of growing older. Places and people we meet with other concepts and social ways of existing all add to the evolution of the human species.  

My feeling is that people with autism are a huge part of an example of human beings evolving into a higher more open hearted state. Many speak of hearing exceptionally well, likening their hearing abilities to that of some animals.  Feeling the vibrations of the planetary movements and earth changes such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Seeing the energy we all emit from our bodies at every moment. Some have spoken of the latter being so bright and loud that it is impossible to actually hear or make out the words non autistic people speak. 

I have devised a list of exercises to experiement with when in the presence of a person with autism, particuarly with those who are non-verbal.  Those too who do verbalise both with words and sounds. It is as follows: 

  1. Leave your ego at the door - it will be ignored anyway
  2. say hello to your heart and allow that to lead the experience for you
  3. become an observer, not an interefer 
  4. Allow yourself to be a student, ask yourself 'What am I being taught here?'
  5. Allow fear of dfiference to leave you - if you find it difficult to understand what is being said be kind and compassionate. Tell the person that you know they are telling you something, but you are finding it difficult to understand because of your own retrictions on communication. Ask them if they can show you in another way.
  6. Breath deeply and become centred, be open to the idea that you might beable to 'receive' their communication without the use of words, instead perhaps an image in your own mind or an intuitive feeling.  you may surprise yourself.
  7. Rid yourself of the idea that you as the verbal person knows best and are somehow superior to them.
  8. do not assume to know what their behaviour means, even if it seems so obvious to you, more often you will be completely wrong, just as I have been. Getting it wrong happens a lot, get used to it, instead of beating yourself up become keen to watch and open more to learn.
  9. As with entry number 1 - remember when conversing with a person with autism you are entering the beautiful realm of an egoless existence-this mean, they will not judge you for your behaviour, your dress code, your face, body shape or what your hair looks like. Meaning you are completely free and accepted for who you are. 
  10. Behaviour expressed towards you is not personal. Unless you are physically hurting them, shouting, repressing or intentionally ignoring their attempts to communicate with you. If you call them names or are deogrative to them in any way, then it may be aimed at you, and quite right too.  yet it still isnt't really personal, more a request to stop that behaviour.
  11. Those i have met with autism more or less live in the moment, happy and joyous.  It is the outside influences and demands that cause the distress and anxiety. 

In conclusion am I likening autistic people to Dolphins? sort of. But not exactly, what I am suggesting is to really understand a person with autism. If animals communicate with telepathy and have been doing so since they existed  very succesfully, then why can't humans? I believe we can, we do it all the time often without realising it.  Knowing who it is when the phone rings, knowing what the other person is about to say, even if it is just one word.  Speaking of having a 'gut feeling' about something.  This is telepathy and intuition.

My suggestion is to be open to the possibility that this is how many with non verbal autism communicate and rejoice in that knowledge! as we can too learn this language.  How cool would that be?  As humans on this earth we are here to learn from each other, each of us has something to teach as well as learn.  I have learnt that celebrating the dffierences in each other instead of fearing them is the key to the freedom within all of our hearts, after all we all wish to be accepted for who we are.  It is what we all deserve, each and everyone of us.





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