Learning the language of Autism

 What are the gifts of autism, can they all be seen?


orbs @ Dazlious.orgAutism for me as a young adult was something I had heard about through watching films. Like most of us the 'rain man' film was, at the time amazing. We all thought we knew about autism which helped us feel less afraid and detached from it.

As time went on, I realised that the film depicted a massive stereotype of autism. Although a few may have fallen into the characteristics of the film, many did not. I began finding books and articles to read, as a practising early years worker I felt it necessary and helpful for me to learn more about the condition. More children were being diagnosed than ever before. Was the film rain man, real? was it true for all autistic people? Are they all 'geniuses'?

Reality of the last sentence is of course, no, each person with autism is unique just like those without. Yes there can be similarities in each other, just like non-autistic people, yet, today I see comments still being made about autistic people being geniuses. I have been asked 'What is your son's gift?' It is a baffling question to be asked. My child is only 7 years old I would say, would we ask that of any other parent about their child and expect a serious reply? Those who asked the question had no idea what else to ask me. A persons experience with autism is so varied, whilst some do not know anybody with autism. Others do or at least know someone who works with autism. There are those who do live and love someone with autism. Those who lecture , train or even treat and diagnose autism, and of course most importantly those who are autistic.

Yes, some autistic people (in my personal experience) can do amazing mathematical theories, remember vast images and cities and draw them in minute detail. Musical geniuses, amazing us all with such talents. I guess the wow factor can possibly come from a mindset that if someone cannot speak at all surely they are brain damaged? If they jump and down, flap and cannot even look at someone when speaking, there must be a brain defect somewhere? If such a person demonstrates that their brain works not only in a 'normal' way but within a genius status, we become less afraid and have a place to put them in society. However, I do think there is an element of people's hearts being genuinely touched when they witness such moments. You see as humans we do intend to judge people on appearance and behaviour, so when we are shown something completely different to that judgement all sorts of powerful emotions take place.

What if there are other gifts, which can go unseen and unheard by most humans? What if for some with autism the gift is being able to see the unseen? I have read about many autistic people who speak of seeing sound waves and light particles, like pixels of a picture. They can see energy moving and vibrating, even light beings from outer planets. To me this makes perfect sense, as I totally believe in the unseen. As a non autistic person I have seen light beings, energy, colours, seen the earth vibrating and heard the sound of Gaia's heart beat. For me, it is amazing that I can see and feel such things. I have been on lots of workshops and courses learning and practising such things. I celebrate this with huge big up's for myself and feel I have accomplished something truly incredible. The difference I have learnt from those with autism is they do not jump up and down saying 'oo I just saw an aura!'

They process their reality in how they see, hear, feel and touch everything in every moment of their lives as a truth. It just is, they do not question it, analyse it or, (this maybe why non autistic people miss this in their behaviours) do not explain what they see as it isn't necessary to explain. How do you explain something that you can 'see' as a truth when you know no other way of seeing? We are all energy, everything in the universe including us, is energy, each of us with our own unique sound. There is so much scientific research now that backs up these ideas. Some people with autism can express this and know what it is they see, feel and hear. For others they know but cannot explain it in a way that would be 'accepted' by others. In their individual lives being autistic and different has sometimes caused them to be bullied and ridiculed. So admitting you just saw a light being from another planet isn't going to help things. For most, it can create fear and more likely is you would have pills chucked down your throat and labelled something else!

But we are all different are we not? We make our choices on what we believe or are prepared to believe. For some of us seeing spirits and angels and using telepathy as a form of communication is completely normal, for others it is total bullshit and bonkers! Some see that war and segregation is the only way to be kept safe, whilst others believe in peace and inclusion and equality for all. Some like rock music others like opera...A beautiful mish mash of differences. Most of us hide what we truly are, or truly feel like doing at any given time for fear of ridicule or being seen at all.

When a person steps out and says 'this is who I am,' This is what I feel and believe within a society or a group that says the total opposite, it is a brave thing to do. Standing strong in who you are with truth can and does inspire others to do the same. Those who are autistic mostly live their lives in this way, which can make them look strange. They live more in the now than anyone else, free flowing until someone else comes along and says, you are weird, you cannot behave like that. What if we are missing something amazing? What if what they are 'seeing' is important and wonderful? What if it actually means something? What if it is a truly wonderful way to be, connecting with energy and nature fully? Which is why I feel that those of us who care for, live with, know, treat or work with someone on the spectrum, why not stand by their sides and listen and learn their language? We all know the most effective way to learn a new concept is to not only listen to others but to also practise and become physically involved. When we experience it for ourselves we truly understand the concept or actuality of what it is we are being shown or taught. This is a time in our existence of great change, morally, physically and as a consiousness. Many spiritual, astrological people are speaking of this. Scientists are proving and discovering many once unseen and unbelieved facts about us as souls and the way we are all connected. http://www.cocreatorsworld.com/science-of-harmony/the-forty-nine-octaves-of-sound-and-light/ It is called the age of aquarius, the feminine divine energy, the raising of our consciousness enmass.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIJHJzDQcRM&feature=youtu.be We are waking up, remembering who we are, what we are and why we are here on planet earth. These findings are shifting us into a higher more connected life and awareness. It is us as a species evolving, continuously changing and moving forward, earth changes and moves with us to assist us, yes but because earth has and will forever continue to evolve with or without us on board. Scientists speak of us evolving at a rapid rate, raising our energetic consciousness quicker and higher than the previous 1000's of years. If you do not believe me, google it, I can assure you there is plenty to research.

I feel that the many autistic people born, those labelled ADHD, PDD and all the other labels, are all an active part of this shift. Those of us without the labels or diagnosis are capable to become more open to the unseen. No one is exempt from this. The only thing that stops it is choice. Those with autism do not have the egotistic attitudes those without have. it just doesn't exist. They are who they are open for all to see, in all aspects. The problem is so many of us aren't quite ready! If we cannot see it, how can it be real? Yet we accept that animals can hear sounds we cannot, see more, so why can't we accept that humans can too? There are many things I cannot do, but I do not believe therefore no one else can...

My summary is this. Autistic and other labelled people, are the very key to helping humanity open our true potential. Letting go of fears of past, veils that can feel like shackles that have held us back from loving, laughing and god fobid, having fun on this beautiful planet of ours.

I watch Jeorge my son, engage with life with such joy, the way he moves and interacts with objects, water, music, the unseen! is truly gorgeous. I am certain having Jeorge in my life has inspired me. It feels like Jeorge has propelled me into a world that I once knew as a young child, once forgotten and am now remembering.

Autism can be so unexplanable, so challenging, frustrating, full of fear and isolation. I know this as I have lived in it and still do sometimes. For those with autism, it isn't the autism that is the problem. It is society and the expectations of how we are supposed to live, behave and be! We are beginning to feel restricted, we yearn for something we feel is missing. Our autistic members of society are showing us how to do this. Once we allow ourselves to break free of restricting rules, For example, people can get embarrassed at the thought of dancing to the background music in a supermarket queue! let alone the bigger stuff. What if we allowed ourselves to break free of this? Stopping and taking in a breath, maybe we could 'feel' more than we ever have before or thought possible. We may then learn that we are not so different from autistic people afterall. We have simply closed some of our senses off. Maybe it is autistic people who, by the functioning of their brains, using more of parts of the brain than non autistic people use, who have evolved and the rest of us are having to catch up.


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