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dazlious logoAutism has caused a stir in humanity to say the least! dividing people's views and beliefs as to what has caused it and how it has damaged our children. I had a conversation on Facebook this very day with another lady ( a mother to an autistic child) we disagreed about autism having damaged our children.  She believed it has and vaccinations is the culprit.  I have the other view of not believing autistic people are damaged. I do not believe that vaccinations cause autism. I feel this way because our own son was not vaccinated at all and is non verbal autistic.  I understand why many believe that vaccinations are the reason their child is autistic. I have many friends who have this experience.  I believe the vaccinations can be an activation to autism that was already there.  It could be that we are being invited to explore vaccinations as a whole.  do we need so many? what chemicals and unhealthy properties are in them? Do they cause defects within our celluar bodies?

Within this article, though I wish to explore other possibilities as to why children are being born with autism.

This statement in itself can be controversial as many believe you are not born with autism but you acquire it by being damaged by other influences such as vaccinations, pollution and genetics. I wish to throw another possibility into the mix. autism pictureBefore our son was born, I have felt that autism had something very powerful and meaningful to offer the world.  I have no idea where this feeling came from.  I had read some books about autism during my early years career. One in particular was very though provoking. The Ultimate Stranger  by Carl H Delacato. The way he spoke of sensory overloads and an intense focus on 'other things' seeming to the non autistic that it was staring into space....As I read this book I had the feeling that staring into space might not be what is happening. 

Having experienced seeing different energies and 'beings' as a small child I guess this helped me be open minded about this.  Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it isn't there. I learnt this long ago and today I know this completely as an absolute truth. 

As I watch our son live his life, I stand by his side, guiding him when and where he needs it.  For the most part though I enter his world, exploring possibilities with him rather than spending hours of our day bringing him into a world of facts and figures, concepts based around fear and right and wrong according to the social acceptance of behaviour in our society today.  

As we look around the world, so much is in a flux of change. Conflicts are among those changes as boundaries that were once firmly embedded into our believe system are now being pushed aside and questioned. Sexuality, gender differences that are now becoming a non labelled existence...becoming free within our own self expression. Blending our sexuality and accepted roles within it. Religion and colour of skin is creating huge surges of fear and unity across the globe. Whatever you believe, humans are changing, evolving at a fast pace.  Probably faster than at any other time on this planet. Scientists speak of it, spiritual teachers such as the Dalai Lama, Doreen Virtue, astrological experts and many more.  Phrases such as the new age, the age of Atlantis, a higher consciousness, moving into the 4th and 5th dimensions..they are spoken of all over the internet.  

Autistic people born on this earth different to the extreme, for the sole purpose of helping the whole of humanity to raise its consciousness into a higher state. Lifting us all into a new dimension on earth, transmuting our individual vibration into more love and unity as a whole.  Out of the question, completely ridiculous and unrealistic, Is it really?   Everything changes, moves forward constantly, if it didn't things would stagnate and become toxic...so why can't believe systems do the same? Especially if it becomes so self damaging to ourselves and the planet we live on. Which is where we all find ourselves currently on earth. Wars are almost accepted as a normal part of everyday existence. dividing of humans into categories depending on colour of our skin, religion, the clothes we choose to wear and if we have a physical or mind difference to the masses????? it is exhausting! I get tired just taking a small peek at what chaos there is in the world, created by humans, destroying each other and the very land we call home.  

The time has come for us to wake up properly, open our hearts to the fullest intention that it was meant to do, let go of old fearful believes and make new choices, remember that we are all connected, all live on a planet that is filled with beauty and gives us everything we need to survive on it for billions of years! yet we have chosen for so long to destroy and manipulate each other. There are probably millions of people across the planet who feel this way too. So we see people uniting, men standing up for women in countries it had never happened before. People are speaking out about what they truly believe in.  Our younger generations are open hearted and more free in their believe system, despite their upbringing. Change is happening, all of us are a part of this uprising. 

Here is an exert from the world famous book 'The reason I jump' by a non verbal Japanese autistic boy Naoki Higashida:

I think that people are born with autism outside the regime of civilisation. A deep sense of crisis has occurred on the planet with all the killings and planet wrecking. Autism has somehow arisen out of this. we are more like travellers from a distant past, and if by us being here we an help the people of the world remember what truly matters for the earth. That would give us a great pleasure.

How beautiful a belief this is. Sometimes we can keep looking at the same thing and because it is so different and incomprehensible to most of us already on earth we automatically try to eradicate it.  We are already full of diversity.  Sometimes I do chuckle that despite this we constantly globally battle with each other because of our differences.  Maybe we are meant to live harmoniously because of our differences....learning from each other, sharing our skills, creating constantly a playground of endless magical possibilities.Celebrating our uniqueness.  This to me is what is so precious about life on earth. 

Autism is here to stay, I know this in my heart so deeply and so truthfully, I dare say it out loud. More babies will be born with autism.  It is not to be eradicated and seen as a disease.  Instead it is to be seen as a possibility to become MORE THAN we already are...

Some of the sensory heightened attributes of autistic people are incredible. The challenge and distress comes mostly from living amongst people who are not autistic. We do not have the ability to see everything in a room at once, to feel another energy and emotion so deeply that we need to shut down. Most of us cannot see sound particles or hear the flowers and tree energies. Most of us cannot communicate with other unseen energies and by using telepathy. Most of us cannot see an image and remember every detail of it. Drive to a location and know exactly where it is road for road without a map or ever being there before......Most of us do not know how to not judge another human in some way. For it has been ingrained into our very souls to be 3rd dimensional separated and detached from each other and nature.

Ego is what drives us through life. Mind takes over heart. Leading fearful beliefs,  life is to be hard, a massive competition with each other, be better, get more, be better than anyone else. Money makes you bigger and better than those without it.. All of this bickering and pain because of man made belief's that maybe once served us well.  Take a look around the globe, it sure ain't working anymore!

I have said this before, I know there are huge challenges and struggles when caring for a person with autism and for them too. Life can sometimes feel scary, confusing and painful. I know that despite this, amongst that is a purpose, a very important and much needed one. If we accept and commit to learning more about our autistic humans, stop changing them and instead change ourselves and the way we live our lives, being autistic will not be so painful and living and caring for someone with autism will not be such a challenge...I am definitely walking this path with our son, and it is working,,,I hope you all do too. I do not see Jeorge as damaged I see him as enlightened, a leader, a teacher.  We teach each other in both the languages in which we speak, neither is less, both are needed, blended they become powerful, freeing and definitely something to celebrate, definitely not fear.



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