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Doing the 'RIGHT' thing

Ha! what is the 'right thing' exactly? We all have our own ideas about this, on top of that there is the outside/social view of 'the right thing'.  The unspoken rules of how we should behave in all areas of our lives.  When, Who with, how long for? bla bla.

It seems a crazy way to live as we are all so individual and unique.  Yet most of us at some points in our daily lives conform to these unspoken rules.  Where do we get them from? I think, for me it was from birth.  Rules are created for almost everything. What to eat, and when, breakfast, you can't eat sheperds pie for breakfast! and dont get me started on cereal for dinner! Dancing in a supermarket, to music! are you mad? you dance in a club at a concert, not in a supermarket surely?

I think all of us who have children are temporarily pulled out of such rigid thinking, as children go into the moment without a care or knowledge of such restricting rules.  I think most of us really enjoy the freedom and innocence of child's play. 

Since Jeorge and autism came into our lives, rules of the so called norm have been challenged and tested on a daily basis.  At first I struggled with this as I didnt want us to be centre of anyone's attention.  Being pointed at and judged for wrong and inappropriate parenting and behaviour!

As time went by and our days out together became stressful beyond words, I realised the biggest reason for that was I was worrying about what others might think of me and Jeorge. I was expecting Jeorge to conform to the unspoken beliefs and rules of society.  Most of which to be honest I thought were ridiculous anyway! 

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