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Nine years after Jeorge was diagnosed I felt ready to create Dazlious and share with the world my learnt knowledge and perspective of autism. Through our own experiences with Jeorge, discussions with Jeorge and meeting autists who want to share their autism with the world. Autistic adults in particular are coming forward advocating for the children of their autistic communities.  I have joined groups and blogs run by autist adults which has educated me on exactly what is missing from NT perspectives.

I have learnt the adult autists wish to protect and advocate the younger generations. To prevent them from suffering the stigma, abuse and discrimination they have endured their whole lives. This is brilliant news for NT people. For we can listen and learn from autistic people and put right all the wrongs from past attitudes. 

Dazlious's logo of learning the language of autism is what we aim to project.  As with all languages, autism is rich and diverse. Each autistic person is unique and with the passion and need to share their personal knowledge, relationships can be harmonious between the very different worlds of NT and autistic. 

Dazlious hopes to be a place where both communities can express their wishes and experiences openly.  Being seen and accepted is a desire we all need and have a right to have. So much therapy, decisions and explanations of behaviours of autism have been decided by NT often to leading to a complete misunderstanding of what the behaviours really mean and why they need to happen. Many organisations hold (presently) power over vulnerable parents gunning for cures, offering severe (often) abusive therapies (such as ABA) I aim to educate professionals who work directly with autistic families right from the get go. 









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