dazlious logoWhen we became parents to Jeorge we recognised the need to reach further into our hearts. For Jeorge is autistic, non-verbal and incredibly sensitive to energy and stimulus surrounding him.

I have been a professional in early years since I was 18 years old. Communicating with children was my life. Sharing a life with a non-verbal person meant we needed to learn a new language; his language.

Watching Jeorge engage with the world was intriguing and sometimes challenging. We decided to step into his world, supporting his sensory needs. This took time and a lot of patience, letting go of expectations we had once had.
Since doing this we have discovered skills and insights into a world that was once unknown to us.

The many behaviours of Jeorge have over the years become clear to us, as to why he holds his ears, stims (flaps) and sometimes walks in different ways. We wish to share our experiences with you, I have met many people on the spectrum over the last 10 years, all of whom were individual and taught me something new. Our intention is to share with you all our personal experiences within the autism realm and share those that have been shown to us by others.

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I have met people on the spectrum including Jeorge who, incredibly communicate using the form of telepathy. A skill that we all have and use daily, often without knowing. Body language, sounds and even within the silence Jeorge and I have communicated successfully. sometimes this can take longer increasing frustration for Jeoge and ourselves, but with practise and patience and bumps! We are improving in our new language.  I invite you to share with us with the above in mind, your experiences too.

I am offering the workshop sessions in a variety of packages. They will be designed to each clients needs. Depending on what work setting you have, may depend on the support you need.  It may be environmental, maybe to help with labelling areas with word and image or having lower sound and less stimulating rooms.   

We have also created a blog. The intention is to create a community of like minded people from both worlds of non-autistic and autistic. I invite you all to discuss all manner of subjects and personal experiences within the realm of autism.

I believe we have an opportunity to learn from each other, there are many social rules we have all accustom to. Yet there are new skills to be learnt from our autistic friends. I believe a freer way to be socially..I have personally learnt to appreciate the moment, and see the beauty in everything. I look at the world very differently now. From the music I hear to the flowers and trees as well as the language we speak. It is as if I have received more clarity since being inspired by Jeorge and the many other people on the autism spectrum.


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